How to protect the world and create magic while doing it.

It is no secret that the most dangerous species on Earth is the human being. Humans are of the destructive kind, certainly considering the environment. I just find it incredible that humans believe they have the right to do whatever they want. Yes, we outnumber all other species on Earth. Yes, we make all decisions. But one must remember, this planet was here before us. How can we behave so cocky, so irresponsible, so clueless about it. How can we take everything for granted like this instead of appreciating what world we have all been born into?

With the consistently rising population of humans, there is less and less space for other species on Earth. And with the rise of humans, we must ask: What about the animals? What about the plants? How can we help them? What to do to protect the environment? What are the ways to improve the environment? How can we save them? How can we fight animal cruelty?


What do I do with rubbish, and why?

To most, this is possibly a silly question. But the fact is that this question needs to be asked and it needs to be answered. So, the obvious answer to this is to make sure you put all your garbage in a bin. Don’t throw it on the streets, and definitely don’t leave any rubbish behind on the beach. While I know that some beaches lack in providing bins for disposal, I also know that a lot of people find it too much effort to hold onto their trash until they come across a bin to place it in. I totally understand the inconvenience for the human in this. However, one must think of what impact it can have to leave your rubbish behind.

Especially on the beach, there is a direct chance that the rubbish will go into the ocean. Consequently, marine life is forced to deal with the items that have entered their Different ways of protecting the environment territory. Many fish will mistake rubbish like straws and other plastic-based items for food, some fish get tangled up in the rubbish, many of them will die from it because they cannot digest it properly.

Basically, any garbage left around the streets or beaches has the potential to inconvenience and kill an animal. All because humans don’t think of their actions. They only think of their situation, the one in which they are too lazy to dispose of their trash properly. They only think of the inconvenience for them, not for their surroundings. They only think of themselves and not anyone or anything else.

It is clear that this behavior is sheer ignorance and selfishness. It is clear that this behavior stems from being uneducated about the consequences. It is clear that this behavior is extremely unacceptable and it needs to change.

So what can you do to help the environment?

Here is a compact list on how you can contribute to the environment.

  1. Dispose of your rubbish carefully. Take all your trash and use the bins nearest to you. You may have to walk a few steps to get to your nearest bin but the effort you will put into disposing properly has the potential to save an animal’s life.
  2. Pick up waste. Even if it is not yours, if you see any rubbish around in the streets or on the beach, pick it up and throw into the next available bin. If everyone was to pick up three pieces of rubbish they encounter in their day, the world would be a much cleaner and livable place.
  3. If you see something, say something, do something. Educate others in a calm and efficient way. Tell them what they are doing wrong and how they can make it better. Challenge yourself and challenge others.
  4. Say NO to plastic. While there are many items of rubbish that lie around the streets or float around in the oceans, plastic is still the major problem. While awareness is rising, it still has not reached enough people to make a bigger difference. Say no and find alternatives. Say no to plastic bags, say no to plastic straws, say no to plastic packaging.
  5. Say YES to environmentally friendly options. There is many alternatives to plastic products out there. Every little step counts, every little contribution helps, every little thoughtful action will help the environment.

Note: Rubbish supports animal cruelty.

You may not have looked at rubbish on the street as an aspect of animal cruelty, and I don’t blame you. However, with this article, I challenge you to think outside the box and realize that rubbish causes chain reactions that will directly impact an animal in one way or another. In any case, this impact will not be positive. It will cause an imbalance for the animal and consequently, it will cause an imbalance for the whole world.

Why is rubbish causing an imbalance? Short answer: Because many animals will die from it. Especially from plastic. Wild weather will inevitably make sure that rubbish will enter the oceans or other animal territories.

More and more animals are exposed to trash every single day. More and more are dying from it every single day. And with more animals disappearing from the surface of the earth, there will be an imbalance of how nature works.

So one very essential and easy activity to follow against animal cruelty is picking up rubbish.

Other ways to prevent animal cruelty.

You don’t need to be an activist to help the animals. You don’t need to participate in a physical protest for an animal cause. You don’t even have to be a full vegan to prevent animal cruelty. Of course, these are all amazing ways to support the animals and show the world your opinion and your love for animals. But there is many other low-effort ways to fight animal cruelty.

  • Don’t support animal shows. The animals are often bred in captivity to perform for a human audience. The animals are simply not meant to be part of an act to entertain people. They are meant to perform their own act of life in their natural habitat.
  • Don’t ride elephants. Just like animals performing in shows, elephants don’t exist to be exploited by humans. Save Elephants CharityDon’t support unethical elephant activities like circuses or trekking.
  • Adopt, don’t shop. Many people will opt to visit a breeder to get a new pet for
    their home. Many don’t realize how horribly straining it is for the animals being involved in the breeding process. Meanwhile, there will be many cats and dogs and other pets in your local shelter, hoping for a second chance. And they do deserve a second chance on life – and love.
  • Consider dietary changes. Any change you will be able to make in your diet will directly help the environment and also will not support animal cruelty. Dairy, eggs and meat may be the targets of a dietary lifestyle change.

A gift of truth and magic. From me to you.

While I have addressed a wide range of ways to help the world, to leave your footprint in making this world a cleaner and better, more livable one, there is much more to cover. There will be more articles to elaborate on some aspects mentioned here to attempt to extend your views and horizon, to help you understand how the world works. Or how humans want it to work with no consideration of the environment and animals living in it.

So for now, I want to gift you a metaphorical backpack. A backpack of advice. The advice to look around you, to see the world in perspective, to think of the consequences of your actions and how those actions can impact the world of animals and the environment, and therefore can impact the world as a whole.

Strap that backpack on your back. Hold onto it. Hold onto it very tight and remember it is with you at all times. And remember it can do an incredible world of good when you unpack it. It uncovers the truth and has the potential to create magic. The magic of life. And let’s be honest. We all like a little magic in our lives. Don’t we?


Tell me ideas on how you see magic and how you want to create it, and leave me a comment below.






  1. Hello Dan, thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice and I cannot agree with you more, we humans are responsible. We have done so much damage and we need to reverse that before it’s too late. While there is a growing awareness, there is so much more we can and should do as individuals to make that positive change, starting from the choices we make on the products we use and consume on a daily basis. Educating ourselves and others is part of the magic we can create that in turn will slowly but surely help save our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. Keep spreading that magic!

    • Hi Georgia, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. And I completely agree. If we all work together, we can create a world of fairness, understanding and love. I’ll be sure to continue to spread the word. And I hope that so will you. Cheers, Dan

  2. Dan you are amazing. I’m doing my best by using individual non plastic bags at the supermarket for vegies & fruit etc. On my travels to places like India I have seen the way animals are so neglected, rivers so polluted, streets full of rubbish. Hats off to you Dan for all your good work and care.

    • Caroline, thank you so much for your comment. Means a lot. It also means a lot to know that you are doing your bit to prevent pollution by reducing plastic waste. That’s amazing in itself. If everyone did a little bit, the world would be a better place already. We will get there eventually. Thanks again for your kind words! All the very best for you.

      Cheers, Dan 🙂

  3. I live you Daniel, you are what the world needs, and the world needs to learn from you. As you know I am doing my best and am in mourning for our dear Babooshka. Love just love 💘

    • Kaz,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I very much appreciate it.

      All the best for you and lots of love sent your way x

  4. What an awesome human you are Dan! I knew you were a passionate person when I met you – but you are so much more! Actions speak even louder than words and I any organisation you volunteer for would indeed be absolutely blessed to have you on board (and onshore)!

    • Robyn,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. It means a lot to have the mutual interest and support behind me.

      And by the way, you’re just as awesome. Go you! 🙂

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