DanTheVeganMan’s donation call for animals in Thailand

Want to help animals in need? Please consider a donation.


I have been raising awareness for animals since I have first volunteered at the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand in 2017. I have been back to the sanctuary in 2018 to help out and will be back there in late February 2019 for another stint to help with their conservation efforts for rescued elephants. I am determined to make this a yearly contribution. Financially and physically hands on!


My cause has been featured in a local Melbourne newspaper on 18/02/2019. Please check out the article HERE.



Apart from the elephants, I have volunteered at the Phuket Government Dog Pound in 2018 and will volunteer there again this year. Additionally, I support the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket. If you want to help me help the animals in Thailand, please feel free to donate here by pressing the ‘Donate’ button. All donations will go straight to those causes. No catch, no scam. Just kindness-driven donations going to great causes that need our help.




Any amount will be making a big difference in the lives of animals in need. There is a long way to go for the animals there to be looked after the way they deserve it. One animal at a time. Can you help?


Thank you all for your support.



Dan @ DanTheVeganMan.com


  1. Dear Dan,
    I would just like to know what date are you leaving to go to Thailand?
    Cause I wanted to come into the shop and Donates some money into your jar for the elephants

    • Hello Carrie and thank you very much for your comment and for your interest in helping.

      I will be at the shop until Tuesday morning. Alternatively, please feel free to donate online via PayPal with the link above in this article.

      Thank you for your support. Means a lot.

    • Toni, thank you so much for your warm words. It’s so great to come to this cause and seeing how far you have come as well. You’re doing a great job and I am glad to be able to help where I can. Will see you soon. 🙂 All the very best. 🙂

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